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Land Use Planning / Project Management Services

"Since 1989 Group Four has been our predominant planning and civil engineering firm. Group Four has completed the planning, engineering, and surveying for nearly 4,000 lots developed by Barclays North, Inc.... I can say without reservation that their land use planning, civil engineering, and land surveying teams are exceptional, beyond measure."

Patrick McCourt, Founder/CEO
Barclays North, Inc.

Our land use planning / project management group is experienced in assisting our clients in the preparation and processing of your land use applications and other permits through a multitude of jurisdictions in the Pacific Northwest. We strive to provide our clients with reliable and cost effective services to maximize the return on their land investment. From feasibility analysis, conceptual layout and design work, to application processing and jurisdiction approvals, our land use / project management group can assist our clients with any step of the land development process.



available to our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual design and site planning
  • Permit preparation and processing
  • Public agency meetings and negotiations
  • Rezones and comprehensive plan amendments
  • Community meetings and workshops
  • Permit preparation and processing
  • Sub-consultant selection and coordination
  • Survey and engineering coordination
  • Easement and right-of-way acquisition
  • In-house design coordination
  • Public agency coordination
  • Developer extension agreements
  • Encroachment resolution
  • Construction estimates
  • Bid review and contractor recommendations
  • Coordination of final plat recording


Greenwood Village - City of Lake Stevens
Client: Pacific Ridge Homes
Setting: 181 lot Planned Residential Development (PRD), comprised of 50.39 acres of land and containing numerous on-site streams, wetlands and associated buffers. Located in the City of Lake Stevens.
Services provided: Boundary and topographic surveying, land use design, permit processing, biological sciences evaluation and public hearing representation.

Greenwood Village

Hammer PUD – City of Sultan
Client: Peter Arkison, Bankruptcy Trustee for The Estate of Barry Hammer
Setting: 72 lot Planned Unit Development (PUD), comprised of 18 acres of land and containing numerous on-site wetlands, streams, steep slopes and associated buffers. Located in the City of Sultan.
Services provided: Boundary and topographic surveying, land use design, conceptual engineering and permit processing.

L-16 Pasedera – Snohomish County
Client: Barclays North, Inc.
Setting: 193 lot Planned Residential Development (PRD) and Lot Size Averaging (LSA) Single-Family Residential subdivision, encompassing 46.31 acres. Located in Snohomish County.
Services provided: Boundary and topographic surveying, land use design and permit processing. This was the first combined PRD and LSA application in Snohomish County.

Land Use Planning

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